When you need a little extra protection from the harsh realities of war, here’s what you need to know about hardened porselain teeth

The United States military is reportedly testing hardened porchelain teeth on troops, which may help them resist bone fractures in combat situations.

According to The Daily Beast, the dental technology has already been tested on US troops.

“The tests are taking place at the Joint Combat Medical Training Center, the main training center for US soldiers, in Colorado Springs,” the publication wrote.

“A team of scientists, who are based at Fort Irwin, is testing tooth enamel, a material made from tooth enamels, for its ability to withstand the harshness of the environment, as well as to hold up under stress.”

In other words, these hardened porcelles may be the last vestige of a fallen warrior’s protective gear.

The dental technology is being tested for the first time at the same training center, The Daily News reported.

“This type of dental technology, like other types of dental equipment, has the potential to help soldiers cope with a wide range of physical challenges,” US Army Col Joseph Siegel, the chief medical officer for the Army, said in a statement.

“We will be looking at these tooth enamelles to assess the potential of this type of material as a means to help with the prevention of post traumatic stress disorder, as we work to improve our combat-related injuries.”

Dental technologies have been used for decades to help combat soldiers in the US military.

But the military is only now seeing the potential for this material to be used to treat combat- related injuries in the near future.

In the past, military teeth have been brittle and brittle and cracked after soldiers had to fight off a high-powered blast from a mortar or grenade.

The military is considering the use of hardened pornelain teeth for this purpose, which can withstand extreme temperatures.

The teeth are made of hardened plastic, which are much harder than the hard enamel used for military uniforms.

“It’s a much more durable material,” Dr Mark Dickey, a professor of human anatomy at Johns Hopkins University, told The Daily Mail.

“If the material is actually hardened, it can hold up for years.”

But Dr Dickey said that it would be a “very big leap” for the military to consider this type a viable treatment option for soldiers in war.

“You need to have a very specific amount of material to have that effect,” he said.

“To the best of my knowledge, that’s not a technology that’s been demonstrated yet, and there’s no proof that it works, so it’s not something we’re likely to see used in the military.”Read more:


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