When you’re a black person, you’re not black enough

By now, the title has probably already been written, and it’s probably the one that you’re most likely to want to read in the future. 

But the problem with the title is that it’s completely wrong.

Black people are not just not black in the same way as anyone else. 

As a matter of fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black people are actually less likely than other ethnicities to have white teeth.

And as a matter for fact, when you look at the percentage of white teeth that are left, it’s actually higher than the rest of the racial group. 

This means that black people aren’t just less likely to have black teeth, but they’re less likely still to have those white teeth, even when their family history includes black ancestors. 

If you’re like me, and you’re wondering what it means to be black in America, you’ll probably be scratching your head. 

And then you’re going to ask yourself, “Well, what does it mean to be white in America?” 

It means being able to wear clothes, get married, have children, own property, work, and be paid according to your ability to pay. 

For those of us who are black, we have those privileges because of our history.

But the reason we have them is because we are black. 

Black people are also not just less than white people in the way that we’re born, but more so. 

According to the CDC, African Americans are nearly two and a half times as likely as whites to live in poverty. 

The reason is because black people have more severe economic hardships than white Americans. 

In the United States, the poverty rate for African Americans is about 12.5 percent.

For white Americans, the rate is 12.4 percent. 

That means that the black poverty rate is four times higher than that of white Americans while also being four times more than that for the white rate. 

When you consider that white Americans are only marginally more likely to live at or below the poverty line than black Americans, it becomes even more clear that we are much more likely than our African American neighbors to have less than adequate access to basic economic services. 

So the next time you’re at the mall, buying some new clothing or shoes, or browsing a website, don’t be surprised to see people of color staring at you, or being called names. 

It’s time to stop assuming that everyone is equal when it comes to the status of their skin color. 

Instead, recognize that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of what skin color they are. 

I hope this article helps you understand the difference between what it takes to be a black man in America and what it’s like to be an American white person. 

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