‘I have no desire to take this medication’: Canadian woman who was denied her teeth by the dental industry

By David R. FarrarPublished February 09, 2019 04:16:52A young Canadian woman is fighting tooth decay with her own hands after a failed attempt at whitening her teeth left her with a “black mark.”

The 24-year-old is currently battling tooth decay after losing two teeth to the disease.

She was told by her dentist she would need to get another set of teeth, but it was not until her fourth visit that she was told she would have to do a new set.

“They said, ‘You’re not going to get any new teeth,'” said Laura, who asked that her first name not be used.

“I said, `I’m not going.

I’ve had enough.'”

Her teeth were replaced by a second set that also had black spots.

“When you see these little white spots, you’re not surprised.

It’s not something that’s going to be hidden or hidden away,” she said.

Laura has had a second tooth replaced three times since she began using the product, which is made by Enviro-Vectis.

She says the first three failed attempts were “sad,” but the fourth one was the worst.

“It was so bad that I had to call my doctor,” she told CBC News.

“I’m in this situation where I can’t get my teeth cleaned because I’m on a medication that’s killing my teeth,” she added.

“And I’m having to wear braces and have to use them.”

Laura is now looking for another dentist and is working with her lawyer to find a different dentist who can provide her with an alternative dentist who will not charge her more than the one she already has.

“You can’t have a tooth that’s been sitting on the side of your mouth for so long,” she explained.

“The dentists who are working for them are getting paid $600 to $700 per year.”

While Laura says she will continue to use the toothpaste, she is concerned that the industry is still not treating the disease properly.

“There are a lot of people who can’t afford to go to their dentist,” she warned.

“There are people who are living in poverty, so I think that’s where it’s most severe for them.

And they can’t make ends meet.”

She is also worried about the future of the product.

“Right now, I think it’s kind of a joke.

I think they’re just taking the money from the dentist and going to market,” she remarked.

The toothpaste is not approved for use in children, but Laura is concerned about the potential for the product to be used by people who may not be able to afford a dentist.

“When you’re a teenager, when you’re young and your mouth is white and you’ve got this mark, it makes you feel like a fraud,” she continued.

“So, I just don’t want to see people who have had a really hard life, who’ve been on medication for a long time and they’re getting really sick, I don’t think they should be allowed to get on the market.”

Laura says she plans to sue Environs for $100,000 to $200,000 after she is no longer able to get a new tooth.

“If they’re going to continue to make this product, it’s going up in price and it’s not going down in price,” she urged.

“Why should I have to pay more for this product that I don.t need?”

Laura has reached out to Envirus Health Canada for comment.


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