A Porcelain Tooth from Tasmania could be worth $6.5 million

Posted November 07, 2018 15:30:54A porcelaine tooth found in a car in Tasmania could fetch as much as $6 million.

Key points:The tooth is thought to have belonged to a porcelane porcupine, but it is not known whether it is from the Tasmanian bushThe porcelains tooth is believed to be from the north-west Tasmanian region of ChathamPorcelain tooth from Tasmania is a rarityThe tooth’s value is thought due to its rarity and it’s found in the Chatham Porcelains area of the north west of TasmaniaThe porcine tooth, which has been sent to the University of Tasmania’s School of Veterinary and Animal Science for further analysis, has been described as “exquisite” and “unique”.

University of Tasmania Veterinary Services’ senior veterinary researcher, Dr Richard Mather, said the tooth’s unusual appearance suggested it was a porcupines tooth.

“This porcile tooth has a very unusual structure, the enamel is quite distinct, the tooth is very well developed, it is very thin, so the porcines tooth can have quite significant enamel strength,” Dr Mather said.

“So if you put a porcifer tooth in the same area that has a porcuile tooth, it’s not going to have the same quality.”

The tooth has been analysed by a specialist from the University’s School and is said to be the first of its kind in Australia.

“It’s probably the rarest porceline tooth ever to be discovered in Australia, I think there’s only been about 150 in the world,” Dr Tullis said.

Dr Tulles said the porcupin was one of about 100 known in Australia and was thought to be of Tasmanian origin.

“There’s no other example that has ever been discovered in this region of Tasmania,” Dr Wilsons study notes.

“The porcupini is an incredibly diverse species and it has no single ‘species’ it’s really an entirely diverse group of species.”

Dr Tarnis said the new porcupino’s teeth had been described by Australian and Tasmanian scientists.

“These teeth are one of the few that we have in the region that we do know about,” Dr Smeaton said.

Mr Wilsom was contacted by the University and said the university had not received any request for porcin-based dental work.



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