Kerala woman gets 1st dental surgery in her life after being treated for diabetes

Kerala has a long and rich history of dental care.

But for the first time in its history, the state has managed to develop a dental practice.

The Kerala government is aiming to do the same for the 1,300 residents of a slum housing some 5,000 people, a major health concern for the state. 

Dental hygienists and dentists have worked hard to make the practice sustainable, but the state government has been overwhelmed by the number of patients, and the cost of maintaining the clinic has been too high. 

Dr Anirudh Kumar, the district health officer for the city of Kottayam, said that it was an ambitious undertaking but a success. 

“In recent years, Kerala has been on the frontlines of global health, but this is the first dentistry in the state to be built in the entire state,” he said. 

This was done through the cooperation of the state’s health ministry and private dentists. 

For those who live in the slum, the cost has been a big burden, especially for the poor who can’t afford the dental work. 

But the state and its private dental clinics have managed to get around the issue. 

According to Dr Kumar, dental hygiensis is a very effective treatment. 

‘This is the future’Dr Kumar said that he is confident that the dental hygue is the answer to the health crisis. 

In Kerala, about 1,200 people die every year from diabetes.

The government has invested Rs 5,500 crore in the programme to tackle the disease, with the aim of eradicating the disease.

“This is what I see as the future. 

I believe that this is what will be the answer, but it is not done yet,” he told the Times of Indian. 

The state government plans to open the clinic to all residents in March, with a budget of around Rs 1,500. 

While Kerala has achieved a huge achievement in its dental hygeia, the lack of dental hygeris is what worries Dr Kumar. 

”There is a big challenge in our state and the government needs to be very bold,” he added. 


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